Frequently asked questions

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, please get in touch for a quote

I think my photos are not good enough. What can I do?

A photo of your pet in natural light can be the best photos. You can see the pet's natual colours, fur direction and all the small details that make your pet unique. However if you have old photo's of your pet, or you don't know if the photo is good enough for a drawing, please feel free to send a few my way and we can discuss what can be done.

How do I look after my drawing when I receive it?

Keep it in the clear packaging until you frame it to prevent damage. If you decide to have it professionally framed, consider a UV protective glass. Please keep your drawing out of direct sunlight as this can fade the artwork over time.

Do your drawings come framed?

At this time no. Colours/textures/patterns/styles can be a personal choice. I prefer to leave this up to you.

Do you only use white paper?

White is the most used colour. Tan and grey paper are also quite popular.

Do you draw people?

No, sorry I don't. Animals are my speciality!

How will my drawing be shipped?

Small portraits will be shipped flat packed, larger portraits will be shipped via mailing tube via Australia Post

What is the turn around time?

Anwhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depnding on size, number of pets and the amount of detail. I draw in between my full time job and other commitments so the turn around times might be a little longer than others.