Melissa Knight

Pet Portrait Artist

My Story

Since I was young I always went to my pencils. I used only one lead pencil and practiced in my sketchbook, drawing favourite characters out of my books. 


Drawing has always been my meditation. My sketch book was the place that I turned to centre myself. My pencils were the conduit to expressing my love for the beautiful things that inspired me to put pencil to paper.  


After years of graphite pencils, I knew I had to dive into colour. I loved the blending, the detail, and the layers of depth that adding colour could provide me in my drawings.  

When I drew a portrait  of our family pet Shadow who had passed a few years earlier, I realised the profound effect that my artwork could have on people. Seeing the reactions on my family’s faces when I gave my brother the drawing made me realise what I was accomplishing. 


This was more than a drawing, it was a gift that eternalized the bond between a person and their pet.

Shadow 1997 - 2012

Drawn 2017

Melbourne, Vic, Australia
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